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Language courses

In order to satisfy all the expectations of our clients, TooMuch – Emergency Language Service organises language courses for companies and institutions. We offer both general language trainings as well as specialist courses (business, medical, technical, etc).The programmes of our courses are adjusted to particular needs of our clients. Group/individual classes can take place in  the office of your company, at anytime of the day/year – at our client’s convenience. We also have a fully equipped classroom with all the necessary learning facilities. We run standard half- or one-year courses, with  an option of continuation, or shorter, more intensified trainings. Our students can always count on the assistance of our professional and friendly teachers.The aim of our courses is to broaden the qualifications of employees by developing their language skills. Thanks to the application of various tools and teaching techniques our students very quickly break the language barrier and function easily in a foreign language environment within their professional as well as social fields. You do not have time to meet our teacher or attend our group classes? The nature of your work/everyday duties make it impossible to spend your time on our  classes? Then take advantage of our online learning in the privacy of your home or office. We prepare our students for a range of exams.  The price depends on many factors, such as the number of students in a group, type of a course, etc. Still, the cost of one lesson starts from 15 PLN!